Sharps Collection Box: 3 Dangers of Not Disposing of Needles Safely

21 December 2017
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If you use syringes to administer street drugs, it is essential that you dispose of them properly. The incorrect disposal of a needle could still cause problems. Below is a guide to 3 issues which can arise if you dump your needles on the ground or in the general waste.

Garbage removal and sewage workers could be injured

When a garbage removal contractor is loading or unloading bags of trash, they may need to pick them up by hand. If you place needles in your general waste, it could stab into their skin and potentially expose the worker to a blood born diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

If you flush needles down the toilet, they could eventually end up at the sewage works. Because metal needles will not break down like organic waste will, they may become trapped in the water filters. When the filter

Garbage removal and sewage workers may experience mental trauma

Even if you are certain that you do not carry an infectious blood born disease such as HIV or hepatitis, the person who is stabbed by your needle will not. Testing for HIV can take many months, and during this time, it is likely that the person who was pricked by the needle will suffer anxiety about the results, which can cause a lot of distress to them and their family.

The environment may be contaminated 

When needles are flushed into the toilet, they may be carried into storm drains. Storm drains move overflowing water from the drainage system into the sea. As you can imagine, needles buried in the sand or floating in the ocean present a real hazard to people. No one wants to visit the beach or swim in the sea only to be stung by a needle.

How to dispose of your needles

To avoid these problems, you should safely dispose of your needles. The easiest way to do this is to take your used needles to a drug and alcohol unit which has a sharps bin. You will recognise a sharps bin by its colour. Sharps bins are bright yellow plastic boxes which have a narrow slot into which needles can be inserted. A garbage removal company will collect the sharps boxes without opening them and replace them with new boxes. The used boxes will them be transported to a medical waste disposal facility and destroyed.

If you would like to find out more, contact a sharps collection service today.