What to Ask a Rubbish Removal Company

28 June 2019
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Whether you need to hire a rubbish removal company for regular trash removal at your commercial property or you have a one-time home renovation or clean-out project scheduled, you want to choose your trash company carefully. Proper rubbish removal keeps a commercial property clean and safe for tenants and visitors, and improper rubbish removal at home might result in fines from your city and a messy, damaged lawn.

When choosing a rubbish removal company, note some important questions to ask before you sign any contract. This will ensure that you find the right company for your trash removal needs and maintain a clean and safe property at all times.

Ask About Items They Cannot Remove

Never assume that a rubbish removal company can remove anything and everything! Some hazardous items require particular handling and containment and cannot be mixed in with other items in the back of a rubbish truck. Hazardous items might also need to be taken to a particular disposal company and might incur added fees for disposal.

While some rubbish companies take items like yard clippings, sod and other outdoor rubbish, some rubbish companies won't remove dirt, sandy debris, gravel and so on. Before you assume you can pull up some outside trees or remove sections of your lawn in preparation for new sod or have your maintenance crew put lawn clippings into the apartment complex rubbish bins, ask the rubbish removal company if they take all those items.

Ask If They Recycle

If you're very eco-conscious, it's good to ask a rubbish removal company if they recycle items or take recyclable items if sorted and separated. Choosing a company that brings items to a recycling centre keeps those items out of landfills, but they might want to bring separate bins or ask that you separate and sort your trash in some way to make the process easier.

Ask How to Contain the Trash Before Pickup

If you're a homeowner who will be using a rubbish bin overnight or need regular trash pickup, it's good to ask how to contain that trash before pickup. Some bins have lids to keep trash in place and side doors that are useful for apartment complexes and offices, whereas these side doors might be too small for household goods. If you use a bin with an open top, ensure it's manageable for closing when the bin is not in use to avoid having your rubbish scatter all over your property.