Types of Waste You Can Eliminate Using Professional Bin Hire

6 June 2016
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Bin hire is a convenient mode of waste elimination for a number of projects you could be carrying out in your residence such as landscaping, spring cleaning or even renovations. However, what some people do not realise is that not all waste will be collected using bin hire, as some wastes are hazardous. You will either have to make separate arrangements for unaccepted waste items or special arrangements with the bin hire provider for a higher price. The following are some of the types of waste that you can eliminate using bin hire.

Green waste materials

Green waste items typically encompass food and garden waste. As such, green waste disposal is an option you should consider when carrying out landscaping or earthmoving projects on your property. Some of the items that can be disposed of as green waste include:

  • All types of food items
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Hay
  • Sawdust
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Tree bark
  • Soil
  • Shrubs and more

It should be noted though that when eliminating green waste, do not put the waste in plastic bags before dumping them in the bin. This is because when the bin is emptied, these plastic liners and sacks are not biodegradable. Simply load the items directly into the bins, as they designed for green waste removal.

Demolition and renovation waste materials

This waste, as the name suggests, comprises materials typically found during a renovation project such as rocks, tiles, pavers, bricks and more. Some skip hire companies may even allow you to include items, such as outdoor furniture and rubber backed carpets, at special pricing. It should be noted though that if you have fibro or villa board materials that you require eliminated from the premises during the renovation project, you would have to ensure that they do not contain any asbestos. It is prudent to adhere to this rule, as any cross contamination that may occur due to asbestos exposure would incur you additional costs. This is because the skip hire provider would have to carry out special waste disposal measures due to the contamination.  Lastly, when eliminating renovation waste material, ensure that you do not mix soil in with the materials being disposed of.  

Excavation waste materials

This category of waste materials consists of two types of waste. The first is the virgin excavated natural material. Materials that fall into this category include clay, gravel, sand and regular soil. The second type of excavated waste is excavated natural material. This comprises natural materials that have been processed such as concrete.

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